Case studies

How RevenueOptix Drives Revenue Growth

Discover how RevenueOptix has partnered with companies of all sizes and digital maturity levels, from startups without a growth marketing team to enterprise companies looking for an extension of their marketing team.

B2B SaaS Company - EMEA Expansion

+55% Increase in Good-Fit Demo Requests from Paid Search Advertising
-26% Decrease in Cost per Demo Request from Paid Search Advertising
Q4 2021 - Present

This B2B SaaS company was expanding into the EMEA region and needed to optimize their paid search advertising strategy on both Google Ads and Bing Ads to drive revenue growth. RevenueOptix was able to optimize their campaigns resulting in a 55% increase in good-fit demo requests while decreasing the cost per demo by 26%. As a result, the company experienced a significant increase in revenue growth from the new demos, further solidifying the impact of our partnership.

Digital Agency - Fulfilling Customer Demand

+31% Revenue Growth for Enterprise Client
-20% Cost per Lead through Paid Media
Q1 2022 - Present

This digital agency used RevenueOptix to fulfill customer demand while they were searching for full-time hires. RevenueOptix was able to generate a 31% increase in revenue growth for their enterprise client while decreasing the cost per lead through paid media by 20%. The agency decided to keep working with RevenueOptix due to our flexibility and ability to drive revenue growth for their clients.

Healthcare Company - Resource for Channel Specific Optimization

+46% Qualified Trials from Paid Media
-29% CPA of Qualified Trials from Paid Media
Q3 2022 - Present

This enterprise healthcare company wanted to shift marketing team members to focus on strategy using RevenueOptix for channel specific optimization in paid search, paid social, directories, and display advertising. RevenueOptix was able to optimize their paid media strategy resulting in a 46% increase in qualified trials and a 29% decrease in cost per acquisition of qualified trials.

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